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        • +1 (800) 364-4844 sales@eiconnect.com
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        PCB Manufacturing Services

        Instant Quote
        • Up to 6 Layers
        • Max Quantity: 5000
        • Turn Time: Same Day Onwards
        • Express Checkout
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        Custom Quote
        • Up to 20 Layers
        • Quantity: Unlimited
        • Turn Time: 3 Days and Onwards
        • Free DRC/DFM
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        Value Prototype
        • 2-4 Layers
        • Quantity: Up to 20
        • Turn Time: 5 or 7 Days
        • Starts at $49
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        Additional Services
        • Free DRC/DFM
        • Board Spacers
        • Layout Services
        • Stencil Services
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        As a U.S printed circuit board manufacturer, Electronic Interconnect (EI) has served design engineers, OEMs, and contract manufacturers throughout the country. With over 30 years of experience, our customers have benefitted from our unique technical advancements in areas such as thermal management, metal cladding, heavy copper and solderability. EI provides a variety of PCB fabrication needs from single-sided to complex multi-layered printed circuit boards. Electronic Interconnect can be a single-source provider for PCB manufacturing services, with the ability to cater to a wide variety of product needs and expectations. We work closely with every client to create the perfect products for them, and our different manufacturing capabilities have equipped us to address your specific needs. We can provide an instant, custom quote for your project, as well as create a value prototype to get you started with your design process. Our free DCR/DFM and other optional services can help assure that your product meets all the quality control and performance requirements needed to be as effective as possible. Click here to Contact Our Sales Team today.
        • US Based Manufacturing
        • Full Engineering Support
        • Prototype to Production Capabilities
        • 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
        • 98.5% On Time Delivery Rating
        • Same Day & Weekend Turns
        • Space & Flight Approved PCB Supplier

        PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

        • Specifications
        • Layer Count
        • Board Thickness
        • Min Finished Hole Size
        • Surface Finish
        • Copper Weight
        • Trace/Space Width
        • IPC Class
        • Standard
        • 1 - 36 Layers
        • .006” - .235”
        • 8 mil
        • Lead-Free HASL, Immersion Silver, ENIG, Gold Fingers, OSP
        • 1-6 oz.
        • 3.5/3.5 mil
        • Class II & III
        • View Detail
        • Advanced
        • Up to 58 Layers
        • Up to .390”
        • 6 mil
        • Leaded HASL, Immersion Tin, ENIG+OSP, ENEPIG, Selected Gold*, Electrolytic Gold
        • 1-10 oz.
        • 2/2 mil
        • Class III
        • UL Certified Manufacturer
        • ITAR Registered Manufacturer
        • RoHS Compliant Manufacturer
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